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For those who did not know `Nonna` is Italian for Grandmother.

28 Years ago, after a long and succesful career in the Italian catering business Gina and her family started out in the Italian restaurant trade opening up a number of patisseries and restaurants across Glasgow. After a wealth of success and being awarded a Cavaliere - the Italian equivalent of being knighted - from the Italian Government for her contribution to Italian cuisine and business, Gina decided to retire back to her home village of Filignano in Italy and her family has continued to grow and expand the business ever since.

The family still own and run one of Glasgows most famous Italian restaurants, Il Pavone, in Princess Square. After 15 years the time was right to refresh what was formerly Il Pavone Sud to bring a new and exciting style of Italian restaurant and bar to Glasgow.  The family saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring some of Nonna Gina’s traditional family recipes to Glasgow, with an exciting menu, set against a cool and homely interior - being a particularly fashionable Nonna, it is something Nonna Gina is very proud of!

So there you have it! Nonna Gina`s identity has been revealed! Proud mother and grandmother to the family that now brings you what we promise is one of Glasgows freshest Italian Restaurants.


Lead Staff

Gianni Di Meo


Giancarlo Bernacchi


Andrea Arzenton
Head Chef

Youcef Ouafi
Second Chef

Ashley Anderson